Wake-Up Call Saves Health Plan Over $3,000

dg-realtimechoices-blogWhen a plan member was referred recently to a New York area physician for a sleep study, she took it upon herself to compare costs at other facilities. Her research quickly showed that the provider’s price of $4,302 was much higher than the “fair” price of $1,300 available at another facility in her area. By using RealTimeChoices to access the Healthcare Bluebook, the member not only found a high quality local provider to conduct the sleep study, but saved $3,002 in the process!

RealTimeChoices is a convenient healthcare cost transparency tool (mobile app) available from Diversified Group, New England’s first and longest standing independent Third Party Administration firm. Easily accessed by website or mobile device, the RealTimeChoices app enables plan members to shop for and identify fair prices for healthcare services from physicians and other providers in their local area.

By following familiar red, yellow and green “traffic light” graphics, members can see the range of prices charged by various local providers for common services or procedures. Providers offering “fair” prices are easily identified by green indicators. Quality ratings and patient reviews are also available.

For more information on RealTimeChoices and other cost transparency tools, contact Diversified Group at 888-322-2524 or visit dgb-online.com.

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